Toddler Daycare & Education

12 to 24 months

This time period in your child’s life is when they are curious and want to explore the world around them, especially now that they are mobile. Our caregivers will support your child as he or she learns to become steadier on their feet. With soft gyms in our toddler classroom, your child will refine their gross motor skills, developing their muscles while also improving their coordination and balance. Your child will get to know and interact with all of our staff, while building a strong bond with his or her primary caregiver.

During this time of your child’s development, we will foster his or her growth in the following ways:

  • Encouraging learning through the use of all five senses
  • Teaching the use of proper manners like saying please and thank you
  • Teaching them to take turns and share with their peers for more positive interactions
  • Helping your child learn to listen and follow directions
  • Using books, pillows, puppets, bean bags, letter cards, and other items to develop communication
  • Playing on safe, age appropriate playgrounds for improved balance and muscle control

24 to 30 Months

As your toddler grows, he or she will continue to learn the skills needed to make strong friendships, increase vocabulary for better communication of their wants and needs, and share toys with their peers. We will help your toddler learn these concepts through a number of different group activities:

  • Singing Songs
  • Playing Games
  • Reading Stories
  • Performing in Finger Plays
  • Alphabet, Number, and Shape Activities and Lessons
  • Art Projects Using Paints, Crayons, Play Dough, or Other Materials
  • Dressing Up and Playing House

30 to 36 Months

As your child becomes more aware of the world around him or her, we will encourage them to investigate and learn about their environment through the use of the five senses. This will help them develop and refine newer skills like pattern identification which will help them sort and match items.  We also have a number of learning centers where you child can learn a number of activities, including:

  • Building
  • Painting
  • Digging
  • Scribbling
  • Reading
  • Sorting

We have learning centers dedicated to Dramatic Play, Science & Sensory, Math & Manipulatives, Reading, Writing, Community, Art, Music and Movement, and more. We introduce conflict resolution skills at this stage, with your child learning to recognize others’ feelings, and respond appropriately in conflict situations for more successful, positive interactions.

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