Infant Daycare & Education

Bringing your baby to daycare for the first time can be really difficult, but you can trust that our caregivers will nurture your baby while helping them develop both their fine and gross motor skills as they start to become aware of themselves and the world around them. While your child is in our care, our caregivers will stimulate your baby in a number of different ways to foster healthy physical and cognitive growth.

  • Multi-sensory activities and individual lesson plans to develop motor skills
  • A calm and quiet place for rest after your baby has experienced enough stimulation
  • Rocking, cuddling, and light singing in our Infant Room
  • A primary caregiver who gets to know your baby and learns what excites or comforts your child
  • A strong sense of security for your child, achieved through a personalized routine
  • Appropriate eating and sleeping habits
  • Developing small and large muscles and skills, like sitting up and rolling over from side to side

Our caregivers all have early childhood qualifications and complete ongoing annual training. We adhere to a daily schedule that includes time to play with cradle gyms and rattles and crawl over soft cushions to help strengthen those motor skills. The caregivers will also help your baby develop communication skills through the use of verbal cues, facial expressions, and interactions like peek-a-boo, patty cake, and pointing out objects of interest. We will also teach your baby to use signs for simple requests like milk, more, eat, and others

We know how important your infant’s feeding schedule is and will adhere to this schedule as closely as possible. If you are a breastfeeding mom, be sure to talk to our Program Director to discuss the ways in which we can accommodate your needs.

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