Child Enrichment Programs

Sprout Early Care & Preschool provides your child with a number of different enrichment programs that will provide your child with a well-rounded experience that will allow him or her to thrive as they learn and grow in an environment that is appropriate to their level of development.

Movement Education

This program has age-specific activities for kids from 12 months to 4 years of age, targeting different milestones in their development. This program will be held inside on days in which there is inclement weather; otherwise, it will be held on our state-of-the-art playgrounds designed for different age groups.


In this program, your child will learn about physical fitness while also learning about the importance of healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise.


We have a STEM program (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) that will help your child get the education and experience working with modern technology they need as they begin kindergarten and continue through their academic careers.

Spanish Program

Twice a week, 3 and 4 year old students will participate in our Spanish program during classroom circle time, At this age, children are more capable of learning a second language while also improving their English language skills.

We Love Music

During this fun program, our students will learn about sound and rhythm through singing, dancing, and exploring musical instruments. This creates an environment that fosters better cognitive thinking and reasoning in a sensory-rich atmosphere.

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