Kalamazoo Daycare with STEM-Focused Play

Sprout Early Care & Preschool offers a safe, nurturing environment where you child can play, learn, and grow while developing social skills and making new friends along the way. Our dedicated staff members will work closely with your child, helping them explore the world around them as they prepare to begin their education in kindergarten and beyond. One of the ways in which we help your child learn is through STEM-focused play, which includes the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, all of which are necessary disciplines for preparing your child for long-term success. In today’s post, we will discuss STEM education and how it will benefit your little one as they steadily grow into adulthood.

Science Education

Science, at its simplest, is all about observing the world around you. For little ones, this can be as simple as seeing clouds and recognizing the possibility of rain, seeing a shadow in front of you with the sun at your back, or just watching animals and how they behave differently. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, so it’s important that we foster your child’s natural curiosity about how the world around them works. Through simple observation and fun experiments, we will make sure that your child starts having a better understanding of the world in which they live.

Technology Education

It should be no surprise that technology education is crucial for the success of your youngster. After all, without knowledge of modern technology, you wouldn’t even be able to access this website right now. It’s very possible that your children are already versed in technology to the point that they help grandma and grandpa with their phones or tablets. There are so many fun ways to use technology, and we will work with your child to make sure they are prepared to use technology once they are in a classroom setting.

Engineering Education

Engineering is a concept that many people take for granted, but it’s everywhere. When your child swings on a swing set, slides down a slide, or rides on a merry go round, these activities are all possible because of engineering. When they build with Legos or Lincoln Logs or building blocks or even plastic cups, those are acts of engineering. Your little ones will learn how to build things and how one action can result in a reaction.

Math Education

From simple counting to addition and other mathematical processes, having even a basic understanding of math is vital in our personal and professional lives. The earlier your child becomes aware of these concepts, the easier it will be for them to apply those concepts inside and outside of the classroom.

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we not only provide a safe space for your child, but we will also provide them with education they need for success in their educational careers. Contact us for more information about our curriculum and programs available in our Kalamazoo and Otsego locations.