Daycare With a Curriculum Designed to Give Your Child a Strong Start

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we understand just how important it is to help your child build a strong foundation for their future. With a curriculum designed to help your child learn and develop skills that they will need throughout the rest of their lives, we are dedicated to giving your child the best start possible. Offering several programs designed to enrich your child’s skills and knowledge, here are just a few of the ways that your child can benefit from the curriculum at Sprout Early Care & Preschool.

Health & Fitness

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we recognize that a healthy start means having a healthy life. Offering programs in fitness and gymnastics that are designed to help your child understand how important it is to have healthy exercise, eating, and sleeping habits. With healthy lunches provided at our day care centers in Otsego and Kalamazoo, we can help your child build a strong foundation for healthy habits later in life.


Helping your child to build an understanding of many of the important concepts they’ll encounter in education, helping to familiarize them to important topics like the arts and sciences. With programs that help to encourage your child’s understanding of the STEM fields, your child will be able to begin building understanding of the basic concepts in subjects like science, technology, engineering, and Math. By helping your child to have some experience with these fields, they will be better prepared for learning challenging concepts throughout their academic careers.

Language Skills

Learning a second language can have a positive impact on your child’s grasp of important concepts like grammar, tense, and cases. Helping to improve your child’s English language skills, our Spanish language program will provide them with the chance to learn a second language while also helping to deepen their understanding of the English language.

Music & Arts

Helping to build a rich sensory environment to help build your child’s cognitive thinking and reasoning skills, our music program will help your child to learn about rhythm and sound through singing, dancing, and other musical instruments. Not only will this help to foster your child’s interest in the arts, but it will also provide them with an environment that encourages their creativity and thinking skills.

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we are dedicated to giving your child the best early education possible. With programs that will help your child build the knowledge and habits they need to live healthily, achieve academically, and encourage their creativity, our enrichment programs can help build a strong foundation for your child’s success. Request a tour at our daycare centers in Kalamazoo or Otsego, or to learn more about how Sprout Early Care & Preschool can contribute to your child’s education and success, contact us today!