Daycare Center With Childcare Programs for School Age Children

For many working parents, providing at home care for school age children can be somewhat difficult. At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we understand just how much of a challenge it can be to ensure that your school age children are getting the care and supervision they need while you are working to support them. Ready to provide a space where elementary school students up to 10 years old can engage in educational activities while building friendships with other children after school, when you are looking to ensure you school age children have the supervision they need, you can count on the school age care programs offered by Sprout Early Care & Preschool.

A Safe and Education Environment

While their school day may be full of educational activities, we recognize that it is also important to give children the opportunity they need to learn more, and further develop the skills they need for their future education. From activities that encourage exercise and physical health, reading time that gives them a chance to expand their vocabulary, and even homework help to ensure that your child grasps the subjects that they are learning in their classes, our school age care programs can help ensure that your child has a safe, educational environment that helps them to succeed.

Busing Services To and From Schools

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we understand how their child’s transportation could be a concern for working parents. Ready to ensure that they are safely in our care from the end of the school day, to the time you pick them up, we at Sprout Early Care & Preschool offer busing to and from local schools during the school year. Our team of qualified bus drivers is ready to ensure that your child has safe transportation to and from our daycare center on our activity bus.

Available year round and offering full time care, even on snow days and seasonal breaks, when you are looking to provide your school age children with the safety and supervision they need, you can do so with the school age care programs at Sprout Early Care & Preschool’s daycare centers in Kalamazoo and Otsego. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help give your school age child the supervision they need while helping them to succeed.

Child Enrichment Programs