Daycare Center Dedicated to Providing Your Child With a Safe and Nurturing Environment

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we understand how important it is for parents to find a daycare center that focuses on providing a safe environment for their child. Dedicated to creating the best environment for your child to grow and learn , we at Sprout Early Care & Preschool take every measure to ensure your child’s safety while at our daycare centers in Otsego and Kalamazoo. With a team of responsible and experienced caregivers, as well as secure facilities that help to ensure your child’s safety, if you are looking for a daycare center that makes your child’s safety a priority, you can put your trust in Sprout Early Care & Preschool.

Childcare Provided by Responsible Caregivers

Dedicated to helping your child build strong roots for their long-term success, not only will we help your child to learn new skills and grow, but we will also work to provide your child with a safe environment. Each one of our trustworthy staff members is trained in first aid and CPR, in order to provide them with the skills needed to ensure that even in an emergency the children under our care will be safe with a team of responsible individuals watching over them. We take the safety of your child very seriously, and each of our staff members undergoes an extensive set of background checks in order to ensure that we only staff safe and responsible caregivers at our daycare centers.

Creating a Safe Environment at a Secure Facility

At Sprout Early Care & Preschool, we take extra precautions to ensure that your child will be safe while at our daycare centers. We do our best to ensure that your child will have the safest environment possible from when you drop them off in the morning, to when you come to get them in the afternoon. With a secure security code protected facility, to required check ins and check outs, we ensure that your child will only leave with either you or a trusted individual chosen by you, allowing you to stay focused on your schedule, knowing that your child is safe in our care.

The team of childcare experts at Sprout Early Care & Preschool are dedicated to providing your child with a safe nurturing environment for them to learn, grow, and play in. Request a tour today to see our daycare centers in Otsego and Kalamazoo or contact us today to learn more about how we work to ensure a safe environment for children at our daycare centers.